Our Rates

Flexible option:  $25 membership that includes an hour of rental each month. Need more than an hour?
$15/hr, anytime.
6 hours a month for $72 ($12/hr)
16 hours a month for $160 ($10/hr)

The way this works, you can buy what you need that month. By the way, your 30 days can start in the middle of a month, if thats when your practice  needs it. With these flexible terms, you can rent 3 hours in February and 28 hours in March, and never have your income suffer from an expensive office. If you are seeing no one a particular month, your costs are only $25 for an office on call, your name on the door, your own key and posting on the website. This means if you are on vacation, if you have naturally slower months, if someone falls ill, you don’t become responsible for an enormous rent. But you still have access to an office when ever you need it just by picking up the phone.

Traditional Option:
Want to rent one or several afternoons/evenings a week?
Rent a 6 hour stretch every week for $35/day. Need 2 hours in the am and 4 more in the afternoon? That’s fine too!


Have your very own office in an established center for $450-$500/month
Create your own lease with the hours you need every month, pay at the beginning of each month. This is the most affordable rent in Baltimore! Costs depend on the number of hours and the number of days. Email me with the hours you need space and I will send you a monthly price.